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Motion Control in Rust

Developing motion control software in Rust should be easy! Flott aims to make this a reality, by providing libraries that abstract over hardware commonly used for motion control, like motors, encoders, and other sensors and actuators.


It's still early days for Flott, and work to build up the ecosystem is ongoing. So far, the following libraries are available:

Long-term, Flott aims to become a comprehensive toolkit that covers all common motion control needs.


While Flott is focused on building up infrastructure, applications that demonstrate and assist in testing that infrastructure are also within scope. So far, one application exists:


The development of Flott is guided by the following principles:


If you're getting value out of Flott, please consider supporting us financially. Your sponsorship helps to keep the project healthy and moving forward.

Hanno Braun, the creator of Flott, is accepting sponsorship.