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Motion Control in Rust

Announcing Stepper Terminal

Posted on 2021-03-17 by Hanno Braun

Stepper Terminal is a CLI application and microcontroller firmware that allows you to control a stepper motor from your terminal. It is based on the Stepper library.

Stepper Terminal is a tool intended for manual testing of Stepper. But it also serves as a full usage example for Stepper. So if you've been wondering how you can use Stepper in your own application, maybe Stepper Terminal can provide some inspiration.


Stepper Terminal and Stepper are part of Flott, the open source toolkit for motion control software in Rust. For now, Flott is restricted to interfacing with stepper motors, but I plan to eventually grow it into a comprehensive toolkit that covers all common motion control needs.


Creating and maintaining open source software is time-consuming! If you want to support my work on Stepper and Flott, please consider sponsoring me.